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Our Director is responsible for the functioning of Heme Aqui. The Director of each Heme Aqui school has to be in continuous contact with Heme Aqui central, to keep constantly updated on the methodology and send monthly reports about the activities of the local branch. Our director also conducts interviews with new students and follows the progress of their integration. He is in charge of intra-institutional relations.




The Sports Leader puts the Goldfinger method into practice, running activities in a fun and simple way that effectively teaches this complex sport to students. Leaders plan every single class and evaluates learned concepts. They are responsible for the relationships between students and planning special activities like family tournaments, tournaments with other schools and sport-related outings.




Our Coordinator is in charge of supervising all school trips, tournaments and activities- including the activities with parents- as well as nurturing the relationships between students and professionals. 




Golf Professors are the professionals in charge of teaching the sport. They work side by side with the Sports Leader to follow the paths prepared by our special golf school.



           Roberto De Vicenzo, Vicente Chino Fernandez, Fabian Gomez.


         Roberto De Vicenzo says: “The truth is that nobody plays golf as they would like,              but they do what they can. These kids can do it and it is going to be a                                        very useful skill in their lives. They do it in their own way, but they do it. With golf,                  they are going to  have many joyful moments and excellent relationships.”


         Vicente Chino Fernandez: “To me golf is like life: you learn something new every            day. You have to enjoy life like a good swing, have good times. I tell the students to                relax and have fun.”



           Dr. Rolando Benenzon – Psychiatrist and Musical Therapist


         Lic. Eugenio Perez Soto – Psychologist and Founder of the Logotherapy Center                and Existential Psychology


Dr. Leon Cohen Bello – Psychiatrist, Specialist in Disruptive Behavior




The parents of our students participate in different projects such as:

  • Trips

  • Birthday

  • Culture

  • Logistics



           After over 17 years of experience, we have witnessed progress in several areas:


  • The attitude of students, positive changes in their behavior, respect for one another, companionship, honesty, trust, perseverance, responsibility and making an effort.

  • Students feel a sense of joy and empowerment for the goals achieved.

  • Belonging to a group strengthens identity and positive interactions among students.

  • Improvement in sight-motor-space capacities.

  • Improvement of concentration, coordination, rotation and posture.

  • Improvement of minor and major motor skills.

  • Revaluation of people with special needs in the family nucleus, generating enthusiasm for the goals achieved.

  • Mental strength through learning to integrate with different people.

  • Development of new social and athletic skills, improvements in speaking, comprehension and reasoning.

  • Forming of a new kind of interaction in golf meetings between “regular” and “special” students who learn to coexist in harmony and respect individuality and diversity 


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