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Golf works exceptionally well at integrating different types of people. When participating in tournaments, Heme Aqui students have the opportunity to share their time with different kinds of players. This provides the opportunity of truly getting to know the person behind the disability, eliminating prejudices.


In golf, the player competes against the golf course. Therefore, a relationship of partnership, not rivalry, is created between participants. An organic and spontaneous interaction accompanies players throughout the game, as “regular” participants become familiar with the achievements, efforts, conduct and values of participants with special needs.


Golf teaches ethics and good behavior, which students can then apply to their everyday lives after the game ends.


Each golfer plays according to his/her own skill level, where the objective is to compete against the golf course and to advance at their own pace. This aspect makes it possible to integrate people with different game levels without modifying the individual situation.


Golf demands many hours of concentration. Their progress in this area can then be applied to other situations in their lives, such as school, work, and social life.

This sport helps to establish the relationship between space and distance, speed and direction. As a result, a triangular relationship is produced: ball-person, ball-objective, and objective-person.


Golf increases the heart rate and strengthens the arms and legs. It is practiced outdoors, giving players the opportunity to come into contact with nature and fresh air.

Through golf we are able to teach important morals and ethical values that can be applied to everyday life.


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