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Heme Aqui Golf therapy uses techniques from the new and unique Goldfinger method that is designed to teach any sport. Heme Aqui applies its method to golf.


This method considers the person as a bio-psycho-spiritual and social unit and believes that any modification or progress in any one of these areas can be generated in the other areas, as well.


Physically, this method includes specially-designed exercises that build concentration, while improving coordination, posture and rotation.


Psychologically, the method focuses on developing self esteem, family involvement, mental categorizing and overcoming obstacles.


Spiritually, the program concentrates on teaching values that can be applied to students’ everyday lives, such as, friendship, ethical behavior, and taking care of the environment, among others.


Socially, our school works with “groups of belonging” for the youth to help increase their confidence and produce fast and lasting changes.


Sport is used as a tool to have fun, overcome hardships, socialize in groups and exert great effort.


Heme Aqui Golf therapy applies the Goldfinger method, which views golf as a means not as an end.  The Goldfinger method raises the students’ spirits and extends their sense of freedom and responsibility, improving their ability to play golf as well as make life choices.  They feel a sense of joy in the process of sharing life circumstances and experiences with their peers.


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