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Our name is based on the choices of life that young people with special needs make. Despite their disadvantage, they have the courage to search for their place in the world and fight for it.


Heme Aqui, HINENI, is the Hebrew voice used by our patriarch Abraham. In the story of the Bible, God calls Abraham and says to him: “Where are you?”, and Abraham answers: “Hineni, here I am”.


You may ask how is it that God asks Abraham where he is if He knows everything and sees everything. But the idea is that Abraham, with his answer “Hineni,” is saying that he is present, not only physically, but with his whole being, consciousness, presence, spirit and shape.


This is exactly what the students in our school do: they are present and willing to fight for their place and show the best of themselves- to say “Here I am. I have a part to play, I want to be and belong.”


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