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Nora L. Goldfinger. Sociologist. Creator and director of Heme Aqui Golf therapy for people with special needs. International Lecturer.


Melisa Goldfinger. Lawyer with a Masters in Special Education. She started as an Heme Aqui sports leader, advancing to General Coordinator and is today CEO of Heme Aqui Golf in Israel.


Evelyn Goldfinger. Licensed in Communication. Pedagogic Leader of the school. She writes the lyrics and creates the music that is created especially for teaching the Goldfinger Method.


Vanina Goldfinger. Junior Sport Leader. Trainer to golf professor’s and sport leaders. She also trains the students and is a great inspiration.


Luis Goldfinger. Dr. of Economics. He is responsible for institutional relations.


Professor Roberto De Vicenzo. He is a great believer in Heme Aqui´s method: “It is

amazing to watch the the progress of these kids in golf. They learn and execute spontaneous swings while listening to musical themes and singing. I think it is a very smart learning method with very precise shots as a result”.


Professor Vicente Chino Fernandez. Godfather of the school, shares our objectives and teaches golf to the students.


Lic. Eugenio Perez Soto. Psychologist and creator of the Center for Existential Psychology and Logotherapy, participates in designing the theoretical dimension of the school, which is based on Viktor Frankl´s existential vision.


Dr. Rolando Benezon. Creator of the musical therapy profession and one of the school’s consultants.


Alberto Berbara. Musician and Musical Therapist, he participates in the making of the Heme Aqui songs.


Dr. Leon Cohen Bello. Psychiatrist, Specialist in disruptive behavior.


Lic. Nora Melillo. Sociologist, Specialist in demographic issues and social movements.


Federico Pallas. Designer. Public Relations.




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